Scattered sheets

tangled legs.

Broken glass

beneath the bed.



of imperfection

running up

her calloused hands.


Tell me,

have you broken

her enough yet?



of hidden longing.

Unsaid promises


in the air.


Oh, sweet love,

tell me

did you brush

her sins away

when you walked in

smelling of coffee

and regrets?


Strings of lust

hum a forbidden song,

the stars

become spotlights

for one last dance.


Tell me, darling,

will you come back

to love her

cratered heart?


A rush

you begin

to finish

what you started.

A trail

of false hope

you left at her doorstep.


Tell me

can’t you see?

She is at your mercy.


And as she tells her stories,

for once,

will you listen?



tucked beneath

her toes.

A song of

serene calling

plays in her



Tell me, sweet love,

will you live

her veiled fiction?



+Manushrie Verma+


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