Oneiric; #2 Tempting

She’d experienced all kinds of nervousness. Some hauntingly familiar ones were:
1. The seconds before getting her answersheet;
2. Jumping into the deep end;
3. Sleeping alone at night, and;
4. Cliffhangers.

But this— this was a whole new level of hopelessness.

Her heart had never been so frantic, so erratic, as it had been in this moment.

Why couldn’t he say it first? she cried.

The rain hitting the window dripped of indecisiveness, as the walls inside seemed to close on her. All too sudden, the room seemed too small to breathe in.

So many possibilities, with just one probable outcome. Some seemed appealing, and the rest…she tried not to think of.

It would’ve been so much better if he were the one that had to go through this…whatever this is.

If only…if only.

Her mind was a frizzle of emotions she didn’t know lived in her, her bed desk covered with empty cups she was too occupied to clean up.

Would he say yes? Would he want this? Does he even like her?

Was it even worth it?

So much was happening, and time slipped from her fingers like sand.

To be or not to be, to give into temptation— or ignore her heart’s pleas as she always had.

No— brushing this off was not an option. She can face rejection, it wasn’t knew to her. But regret…it was a burden too heavy, to carry for the rest of her days.

With trembling hands, cold sweat, and that small v-shaped depression in her forehead, she typed out carefully–

Wanna go out?

Three words. Three simple words.

Who was she to know that it was all he had ever wanted to hear?


+Manushrie Verma+


20 thoughts on “Oneiric; #2 Tempting

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  1. I love the way the tension builds in this story. Right up to the last line. Also, I love the world you’ve brought us, a world where girls approach boys with offers of connection and love. I’m an old guy so this world is like sci-fi to me. I hope it’s real for young people today. What an improvement over the world I grew up in!

    Great writing! Thank you. 🙂

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