Oneiric; #4 Drowning

If your thoughts
are broken
and your words
c o l d
Don’t fret— for I will

If your love
is calloused
your colours
g r e y
Do not cry
Alone, for I will
Colour them
with you.

If your skies are
forever clouded,
the moon
a faint whisper,
Don’t feel sad,
my love.

We could
e s c a p e
to a clear
night together,
where the
only sounds that
ring in your ears
are me
and the
you searched for in
v a i n
among the skyscrapers.

and if, you change
your mind
and wish to
return, to where you
started, do not
hesitate— for I’d want
the same.
I’d do it over and
over and


+Manushrie Verma+


16 thoughts on “Oneiric; #4 Drowning

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  1. A Sonnet:


    make a wish each time a shooting star passes by.
    dam your heart, so filled with tears of wanton passion,
    but when she has that begging look, a frightened hue.
    could be she’s made a wish, and maybe it’s not for you?

    stand back, take your time, your fears not yet founded.
    the future, true love counts every approaching second,
    waiting, waiting, waiting, remember to stay grounded.
    then those words, ‘I love you’, her lips you beckoned.

    now you, your fears refuted, her lips tenderly kissed,
    your bodies entwined, true love feels good together.
    your future now in your hands, make it forever bliss.
    until death do we part, true loves rewarded endeavour.

    for me my cup runeth over, Utopia that never, never land.
    everything we wished for, everything as we had planned.

    © MET 17/66

    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


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