Oneiric; #6 Touchdown

It was the closest I had been to a dream.

The chill of the night, for a change, didn’t cry its lonely song. It all but whispered, barely noticeable, like the crescent glow shrouded by 1 a.m. clouds.

It seemed all too much to take in. The green sky, the blue grass, the roar of the empty road, and you.

I could feel it. The silence.

But then again, it demanded to be heard.

In the middle of nowhere, my mind was a jumble between your serenity and my chaos.

Somehow, I came to love how it felt. Despite the road we picked seemed nothing close to a perfect picture, I knew, it was just where I wanted to be. However difficult each step towards you was, I had no regrets.

Because the light of the half moon lived in your freckles, as the other half laced your words with forever.

This fondness that took over me, takes over me, when I see you… it makes each tear, each fear, worth it.

Your serenity, my chaos.

Your smile… and my sorrows.

Somewhere between our extremes, you brought me to our touchdown, on safe ground, and I learned, that I did not want to escape anymore.

Because I realised, when I held your hand in mine, that pain will remain just as eternal as my love for you, and the miracle of your presence makes all of it just bearable.

And as we would lie together, facing the only roof we know, I couldn’t help but think that the brightest star wasn’t where we were looking for it.

Because it was by my side.



The only escape I could afford anymore.

It was you.

Always, always, you.


+Manushrie Verma+


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