All The World’s A Lie

They stopped searching
after a
while. You left her
empty like your
box of lies.

And it’s all
sky high
now. All
my way
nowβ€” a
desert with no
oasis, a broken
heart with
no tape.

Hey, hey,
do you see this masquerade?
Of plastic smiles
and fallen blades?
Hey, hey,
are you satisfied?
Cutting off ties
from this
puppet you played.

The sea breeze
whistles, the
ocean cries
in angst, awaiting
her anxious toes.
the sun grows
paler, the clouds
a little jade,
losing hope of
seeing her shadow
once more.

Hey, hey,
does this make
you smile?
looking at her
drown in the
mess you left.

Hey, hey,
let me show you.
old Devil,
what rage
sparks through
your screw-up
from hell.

Shattered frames,
mixed with bottles
strewn among
Footprints lonely,
in the snow
embedded with
her muted tears.

Hey, hey,
where are you
running off to?
The signs are
blaring your cards.
Come, come,
where art dou?
Her mind is
echoing your charade.

What a
cheap act you
faked, carrying a
pretence you never

You [enter] :
A pack of
Cigarettes, you
[exit] :
A puff of smoke.

And you altered
the meaning of
love so well,
for so long, that
your script was
too long for
the finale, was it not?

Hey, hey,
Come back hereβ€”
Won’t you bow
out of the storm
you waged?
Show me the
worst you’ve got,
so I can give it
back someday.



~Manushrie Verma


10 thoughts on “All The World’s A Lie

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  1. Simply amazing. This is absolutely beautiful, there’s only so many times one comes across beautiful writing but you manage doing that every single time you hold a pen. This is really really powerful and stirring. Brilliant work πŸ™‚


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