exit/: oblivion.

Connecting the
dots of mingled
strangled at the mercy
of broken

You waltz in,
you’re my
freaky nightmare
painting away stories
no words
to spare.

I reach out—
a deformed hand
missing bones,
and cracked skin.
Out of sight,
out of mind
stringed by false
hopes you gave me.

Touch me
redeem a shattered
strewn at the
edge of a
messy bed.
Raise a pill
to numbing existence,
drown in
bitter admittance.

Laced with scars
of illusory battles,
scalped by
pretend ambition
to the core.
Running lips into
insipid conversations,
caught up in
strings of
forbidden lore.

Make believe,
facetious assurances
the eyes
soon go idle.
Convinced of
a coloured world
minds dripped
in barrels of tar.

Angels of
crushed wings and
chipped nails,
facing a rogue
on the run,
bleached by
lies of a
blinding sun
tainted windows
of splintered glass.

These lids grow
heavy, near
gates of heaven,
ears deaf to
wake-up calls,
resurrection ain’t
no child’s play,
acting gods of
a made up hell.

Rejects on days
the curtain falls,
the heart a
victim of frostbite
Pinching pain,
Aching a sprain
Here lie
survivors of
their own fight.

“I’m too broken
to be alive.”

Stay if you can
and stomach
the beasts
unleashed in the
wake of Twilight,
Dark is the
torch of
bliss in the
abyss of night.



~Manushrie Verma

pic cred: ffffixas.tumblr.com


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