Facilis Descensus Averno

I wished for a woven sky
to sink into the ground
and choke me with its stitches.

Cherry teeth stained my fingers
when pitch black was grey
and knuckles were mesh.

I looked into the void
and the Void stole my eyes
even Nothing
refuses to acknowledge my presence.

Ashes of the past swim
with senseless future
filling a bowl chipped at the edges
It was time for dinner.

A song wailed across the
walls of the Universe
its screams filled my ears like water.

“Are you death?” I asked

“Not death, but what follows,” said…said…

“What? Who?”



I am before the tanks that grind my skull
after the flowers that choke my lungs
within the sun that scorches my open wounds.

Safe, saving, saviour?
I’m the lacuna, whom the child
in me dreaded.

I fill the abyss
with my torn skin
and splintered bones.
Yes, I dreamt a dream so vile.

I am the knife that slayed me
The Judas who sold me
I burnt the curse that thrived in my cracked skull
I am the vulture who feasted on my intestines.

Was the wine that quenched my thirst merely a
vessel of my despair?

It was I, the toxic reaper, who cut through
a numb me.

How do I save myself,
if the poison…

…is me?



~Manushrie Verma


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